Why invest in a domain name?

What is your most valuable digital asset?

The answer is your domain name.


It’s your most valuable digital asset because your domain name is your global portal that customers needs to use to access you.

Your domain name is your calling card.

With the world going mobile it even replaces your business card because people are carrying their mobile devices with them everywhere and everyday.

Your domain name should be the first thing that comes to your customers mind when they are looking for your product or service, or a product and service that you may be able to sell or provide to them.

Why spend money on your domain name now?

Purchasing your domain name is going to help turn your digital asset into cash as the world is going online.

45% of the market in Asia is online, 11% of America is online, 22% of Europe is online and the online market is set to skyrocket as only 1% of Oceania and Australia is currently online.

Why NewMediaNexus.com?

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