Why dot com?

In the modern age of the internet, a good domain name is one of the key essentials to a successful online presence and business. But why dot com? A good dot com domain name is like a piece of excellent real estate. NewMedianNexus.com explains why.

Why dot com? No geographical restrictions

The main aim of most businesses is to make money. You need to get your product or service to your customers for this to happen. Targeting all potential customers in your market is therefore important.

For example, if you are selling products online then it doesn’t really matter where your customer is – you can deliver your products easily to most locations around the world. As long as they have access to the internet, then they are one of your potential customers. Dot com domain names are universal. They therefore help you position your business in front of a world-wide audience.

Dot com domain names allow you to target your international market. Dot com domain names overcome geographical restrictions.

Of course, there are some companies that need to target specific geographical locations. For example, a dentist that only targets local customers in the UK may prefer a dot UK domain name (i.e., .org.uk or .co.uk). While a company that only targets customers in Australia may prefer a dot com dot au name (i.e., .com.au). However, if the sky is your limit and you don’t need to restrict your business to one particular geographical market then dot com (i.e., .com) is the way to go.  So why dot com? In essence it’s because dot com domain names allow you to widen your potential customer base.

That acknowledged, even if you do have specific geographic limits relevant to your customer base then it still may pay to go for a dot com domain name. Why?

Why dot com? Universally known

Around the world, millions of new domains are registered every day. As the market saturates it becomes harder to find a dot com domain name. Why is this the case? It’s the case because dot com domain names are universally known.

Why dot com? Easy to remember

In many markets, the need to differentiate from your competitors is important. You can avoid losing your loyal customers and any new customers by helping them to remember your domain name easily through a dot com domain name. Why dot com? It’s easy to remember.

Why dot com? Information overload

Information overload is a problem of the 21st century. The term “information overload” was first used Alvin Toffler in the 1970s. Toffler predicted that the rapidly increasing amounts of information being produced would eventually cause problems for people. When people go to your business online they want to be able to quickly sift through or disregard redundant information. Keeping your domain name simple, through having a dot com domain name, helps your business by avoiding information overload.

What do I do if my dot com domain name is already taken?

Don’t be discouraged if your dot com domain name is already taken. We are experienced in finding dot com domain names and we already own many of them. Contact us if you wish to discuss this further or if you require our specialist input.

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